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HPC's Announces New Supplier Agreement with Acurity

hilton publishing HPC

HPC proudly announces its brand new regionally enhanced supplier agreement (effective August 2019) with Acurity, a wholly owned subsidiary of GNYHA and close partner of the Premier group purchasing organization. Founded in 1996 and headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, HPC will provide members of Acurity access to 3 core product and service offerings that each promote education, drive savings within the healthcare supply chain, and support supplier diversity initiatives.

  • Books, Magazines & Other Publications: Members can purchase all the books, e-books, magazines, patient education, textbooks, medical coding books, clinical study aids, certification course materials, anatomical charts and other publications they need for their hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers and other medical facilities. HPC offers a one-stop shop experience for healthcare organizations to buy any type of content from any publisher they need through a single source, so that every item can be purchased through one trusted supplier at special discounted prices.
  • Association & Conference Concierge Service: Much like a corporate travel agency managing an organization’s spend on airfare and other travel expenses, HPC’s Association & Conference Concierge Service manages an organization’s spend on education-related purchases like professional association memberships, corporate subscriptions, conferences and other continuing education expenses. HPC provides a dedicated team to create a centralized process for the entire organization, taking individual requests from professional staff who have an upcoming education expense and then negotiating prices with vendors, overseeing internal expense approvals and processing payment to vendors. Most health systems spend well into the millions of dollars every year on these types of educational expenses. And yet, because of payment delays, confusing decentralized processes and too much paperwork, most health systems suffer from an inefficient unmanaged system that leads to headaches for staff and overspending year after year. HPC’s program reduces these costs one transaction at a time to produce significant savings for the organization, while at the same time integrating simpler centralized processes and eliminating time-consuming hassles for your professional employees and caregivers so they can get what they need quickly and painlessly.
  • Evidence-based Research & On-Demand Medical Library Services: HPC provides a wide range of clinical research and medical library-related services to members to promote improved caregiver access to evidence-based content and to support evidence-based practice in nursing, medicine and supply chain. Whether it’s having HPC manage your library budget and annual subscription renewals, or relying on HPC’s experienced medical librarians to provide on-call research support to your caregivers 7 days a week, or providing your supply chain with easy-to-understand evidence on complex medical device purchases, or completely outsourcing the management and oversight of your medical library to HPC in a more cost-effective virtual library model – HPC customizes service for each and every member we serve to support you wherever you need the extra help.

Contact HPC today to learn more: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (219)922-4868, www.hiltonpub.com.

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