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HSDA Recognizes Inspired Leadership: Bernard Tyson

Bernard J. Tyson Image Credit: REUTERS/ Lucy Nicholson

A sign of confident, inspirational leadership is making good things happen for other people. Bernard Tyson manifested the concept of inspired leadership through his active involvement as co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Health Governors Community, serving on the boards of the American Heart Association, America’s Health Insurance Plans, the International Federal of Health Plans and so much more.

Bernard J Tyson
Image: World Economic Forum

These are all, indisputably, very laudable achievements.  However, in recent reflections of the life and influence of Mr. Tyson, it is clear that the most profound and everlasting legacy of Mr. Tyson is how he deliberately used who he was, his intelligence, his visibility, his position, his influence, to make things better and how this impacted individuals as well as institutions. HSDA notes, as President of Kaiser Permanente, Mr. Tyson’s vocal support of the Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law in 2010. He did not shrink from the controversy but chose instead to endeavor to make things better for other people, those struggling to acquire healthcare insurance. 

HSDA, as an organization comprised of executives in healthcare, committed to exploring and executing substantial improvements in the levels of supplier diversity, acknowledge the excellence and legacy of Mr. Tyson; and reaffirm our commitment to make things better for capable, committed diverse suppliers endeavoring to understand how to build companies in the transformation of the healthcare industry.  For us, Mr. Tyson was and through his legacy, will continue to be, a beacon of light, that continues to illuminate, as we chronicle his rise from entering as an intern, to becoming Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente. Mr. Tyson, along the way, made clear through his everyday actions, and interactions with people, his determination and proclivity to leave things better than he found them. It is this, that inspires HSDA to acknowledge Bernard Tyson as an incredible person and an impactful leader.

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