Success Story – HPC’s Association and Conference Concierge Program recovers over $68K in registration fees for major mid-west healthcare system

A major mid-west healthcare system, based in Indiana, has been using HPC’s Association and Conference Concierge Program for over 5 years. This service allows healthcare systems to drive down costs related to conference registration fees and association membership dues by using HPC to coordinate all activities for increased efficiency and to negotiate lower rates.

Year after year, they have seen the value of the program and together, HPC and this healthcare system have experienced overwhelming success in cost savings and centralization. Recently an unforeseen, yet valuable success in another important area of this program occurred.

Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare system had many employees scheduled to attend association events and industry conferences for which all registration fees had already been paid. As information started to spread more widely about the pandemic, the healthcare system made the very difficult and unprecedented decision to suspend all travel. Given this information, HPC was able to cancel registrations and pursue refunds on their behalf.

As of the end of May, HPC has recovered $68K in fees that can be used on other vital needs.