Webinar March 3, 2021 at 1 - 2:30 p m

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Join us for an informative,  time-sensitive discussion about how small and diverse suppliers address supply chain needs within the healthcare industry. Robert Gonzalez, President and CEO, Print Media Corporation, will discuss the following key topics to succeed in the healthcare supply chain.


  • Developing Your Value Proposition
  • Building Trust
  • Working with GPOs
  • Assembling your Team
  • Hospital Sales and Marketing
  • Working with Distributors
  • Information Technology

About Print Media Corporation

Print Media was founded in 1993, and operates in Miami, Florida, as a manufacturer of reliable and high-performance media to fit component printers in mission‐critical equipment. Mission‐critical printing applications are those applications that have a direct impact on our day‐to‐day lives, such as heart‐monitoring or high‐value vouchers. Customers include many medical device manufacturers, as well as the largest hospital group purchasing organizations and medical supply distributors in the country. Robert Gonzalez has been involved with the Healthcare Supplier Diversity Alliance for many years and is dedicated to the HSDA mission: To lead healthcare supplier diversity by building awareness through education and creating pathways to potential opportunities for historically underutilized businesses and all healthcare supply chain stakeholders.

Print Media is a minority and veteran SBE, but also a market leader. Their success is attributable to diversity initiatives that level the playing field, providing companies with less common market recognition with an equal opportunity to propose a value proposition. These initiatives have inspired their own diversity policy.